El projecte ‘Mijnberg’ va ser exposat al festival Encontros da Imagem de Braga a l’any 2015

(A journey to an unknown mountain)


I like the views of the majestic mountains, I like to be there, feel the fresh air on my face, observe the wildlife and swim in its lakes. But I’m not going to take pictures of mountains anymore.
“Mijnberg” is a fictitious mountain that I created with a standard A4 paper and that could be translated from Dutch as “My mountain”. On one hand the blank paper is a metaphor of the landscape, which don’t exists and only makes sense if its interpreted by man. On the other hand the pictures of this unique geography serves me as a claim against the endless number of pictures that have been taken of any mountain in the world. A dynamic that in photographic terms converts the mountain that is sublime in itself in something ridiculous and repetitive. The trip to the top of “Mijnberg” is a psychological journey and represents the struggle against oneself.
El proyecto ‘Mijnberg’ fue expuesto en el festival Encontros da Imagem de Braga en el año 2015

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