The end of the days

The relationship between nature and society has changed over time. Just over one hundred years ago people depended entirely on the nature, but today, immersed in a system based on the massive consumption of products that make our lives easier, our relationship with the natural environment has become increasingly distant.
We modify the territory without following any logical standards, we are simply ‘taking over’ and we persist in requiring immediate results from nature, without regarding its needs for its own pace to function adequately. Many of us would not know how to decipher its signs or how to survive with the resources that this gives us, and gradually we are losing the awareness that we are part of the same world.
This project was the winner of the XII edition of Young Photographers from the Girona council organized by INSPAI, and has been shown in a traveling exhibition that has traveled more than 30 municipalities between 2013 and 2016.

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