Silent Rooms consists in imagine how the world is when we do not see it and in transforming a well-known environment as home in a dreamy world that is activated in our absence. In Silent Rooms I reallocate home objects and give them a new life. I imagine how these ordinary elements, boring and insignificant for us, quietly recover their own splendor when we close the doors of our houses. This familiar world that we leave behind is transformed in a parallel world, and the objects are relocated in a deconstructed environment that enters in conflict with what we concieve as reality. Each photograph represents a room in the home where the objects interact among them, creating small narrations open to interpretation.

Silent Rooms is a reflection on the perception we have of reality and how a world that we apparently dominate can actually be strange and uncontrollable.

Cabo San Roque collaborated in this project with the production of the sound of the video installation.

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